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DISCLAIMER is a directory provided by the Oklahoma Bar Association (OBA) to assist the public in locating and selecting a lawyer.

All lawyers listed in the directory are OBA members who have given their permission to have their names published in this directory by areas in which they practice. All practice areas listed were selected by the lawyer and not by the Oklahoma Bar Association. The OBA does not recommend or endorse the services of those listed, nor does the omission of others from this directory imply a negative assessment, evaluation or recommendation whatsoever.

Nothing in this OklahomaFindALawyer directory should be relied upon as legal advice. The OBA has not reviewed, investigated or evaluated the accuracy, completeness of the information, qualifications or competency of those attorneys listed; however, all lawyers included in the directory are considered to be in good standing as members of the Oklahoma Bar Association. The OBA has supplied some information helpful to the public in understanding practice areas.

The Oklahoma Bar Association, its members, officers and employees hereby disclaim any responsibility or liability claimed to have arisen from reliance upon the information contained in the OklahomaFindALawyer directory.




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