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Administrative Law - disputes to be heard/resolved by a board or government entity instead of in a court of law; ex. Social Security benefit case, licensed professional in jeopardy of losing license, real estate agent with complaint

Adoption - a court proceeding that creates the relation of parent and child for people who are not the natural parents

Alternate Dispute Resolution - negotiation, mediation and arbitration are options for resolving disputes without going to court

Appellate Practice - research and review of a case in which an application is made to a higher court to correct or change the judgement of a lower court

Bankruptcy - Business - resolution of a corporation's or partnership's financial difficulties; Chapter 7 (liquidation or straight bankruptcy), Chapter 11 (reorganization) or Chapter 12 (adjustment of debts of a family farmer with regular annual income)

Bankruptcy - Personal - resolution of a individual's financial difficulties; Chapter 7 (liquidation or straight bankruptcy), Chapter 11 (reorganization), Chapter 12 (adjustment of debts of a family farmer with regular annual income) or Chapter 13 (adjustment of debts of an individual with regular income)

Business & Corporate - pertaining to a corporation or partnership, general business/commercial legal problems, setting up a business, shareholders' rights, problems involved with franchises

Contracts - an agreement between competent parties that requires each to do or give something in exchange, ex. prenuptial, real estate transaction, business, etc.

Criminal Defense - representation of an individual who has been accused of a crime, involving arrest, ex. driving under the influence

Divorce - ending of a marriage, annulment or legal separation, child custody, child support, visitation

Elder Law - needs of the elderly including Social Security benefits, VA disability compensation, Medicare, Medicaid, nursing homes, durable powers of attorney, wills, probate, trusts and estate planning

Employment - on-the-job discrimination (race, sex, color, religion, national origin, handicap), hiring and firing an employee, problems with job status in governmental jobs with civil service classifications

Environmental Law - disputes concerning the conditions surrounding people affecting their comfort and well being, ex. air pollution, water pollution, heat pollution, noise pollution, solid waste disposal and weather modification

Estate Planning and Probate - issues related to planning how to give away property and personal items after death, determining the validity of a will, the process of appointing a person to oversee the distribution of an estate after estate taxes and debts are paid and heirs are identified

Family Law - divorce, annulment or legal separation, child custody, child support, visitation, adoption, juvenile delinquency, child abuse, grandparents rights

Financial Institutions and Banking - involving transactions with banks, credit unions, leasing of office, retail, industrial properties or apartment buildings, mortgage loan financing

Guardianship - appointment by a court to care for a child or incompetent adult, and possibly for his/her property or estate, guardian ad litem, conservatorship

General Practice - includes a wide range of expertise in many areas, is the most common practice area for Oklahoma attorneys

Immigration - obtaining a U.S. work visa, student visa or green card and how to become a citizen, illegal entry and undocumented alien issues, citizenship problems

Indian Law - issues related to disputes or crimes taking place on tribal land, tribal sovereignty, rights of Native American descendants

Insurance - disputes with insurance companies

International Law - imports and exports, establishing import-export companies; establishing business abroad; customs classifications; valuation and rate of duty of imported merchandise; assessment and enforcement of customs; unfair practices in import trade; U.S. export and import licensing requirements

Labor and Employment - usually represents employers in matters relating to discrimination or hiring and firing of an employee, wage laws

Limited Scope Services - an arrangement where a lawyer does only certain legal tasks for the client with remaining tasks to be done by the client. Often this is done with a goal of reducing the client's cost of legal services. But not all matters are appropriate for this procedure and not all attorneys offer these services.

Oil, Gas & Mineral - leasing and right-of-way agreements, royalty ownership, property owner rights, shareholders, all issues related to the drilling of oil and gas wells, laying of pipeline and mining of coal, ore and other minerals

Patent, Trademark & Copyright - to apply for and register patents, trademarks and copyrights to protect ideas, designs, literary works, creative materials and inventions, infringement problems, unfair trade practices, disputes involving inventions, proprietary ideas and literary material, licensing agreement preparation

Personal Injury - a hurt or wrong to the physical body of a person or to the reputation of a person or both, ex. injury from an automobile accident, injury from a lawnmower or other product, medical malpractice; See Workers' Compensation for injuries occurring on the job

Probate - see Estate Planning and Probate

Real Property - also called real estate, all land and buildings including estates and interests in land and buildings, home sales, closings, mortgages, insurance, foreclosures and zoning, landlord/tenant issues Social Security - see Elder Law

Taxation - Federal and State income tax preparation and audits, hearings and appeals of tax matters, individual and business tax planning, rulings, regulations, underpayment and nonpayment of taxes

Trial Practice - representation of a client that involves a trial or court proceeding before a judge and usually a jury

Wills & Trusts - preparation of a document directing how and to whom your property and personal items should be divided after your death, guidance in selecting a trust, setting up a trust and trust administration

Workers' Compensation - job-related injury or occupationally related diseases, obtaining benefits, hearings and appeals on claims and denial of benefits


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